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Jaynelove's Space
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Date:2007-09-04 16:42
Subject:Today's the day...

This is the day that you will always remember as the day that - <lj-cut>

I’ve got my 



(btw. If you write this that way it looks as sounding like a double Oma *giggle*)


Where was I? - Yay, after a long time (fifteen months, but they felt like ten years) of learning in my spare time after work (fulltime-job with lots of evening meetings and more disturbing thingys), working hard, struggeling, fighting over myself... I got it.


I GOT IT! And I got a “Sehr gut” – which means a “Very Good” or an A-Grade. And, yes, sometimes I can be disturbingly bragging. Especially when I get diplomas. *g*


Today is the day I found my brand new DIPLOMA in our mailbox, and I finished my studies (not that the whole life’s studies, but, you know, it’s another kind of learning), and now I’ve got a piece of paper which proves that I’m able to do what I do anyway since a couple of years just because it’s my job.


Yes – and from now on I have my life back, all of my spare time, my after-work-time, my weekends, my everything. Yes, and I can hang around as long as I’m in the mood of hanging around – without this terrible, disturbing bad conscience I’ve had all the time. And I can have a tv-show-watching-marathon whenever I want. I can watch PotC as many times I want. Or not. Or every day. (Although I watched PotC AWE nine times at cinema while I was studying – how did I do that? Yes, I’m a fangirl, I can manage to fangirl my life without a diploma. *g*)


Did I already mention that I’ve got my diploma? I’m so proud of myself. ;)


I’m free.


Now... bring me that horizon... </lj-cut>


PS: How do I do this bloody lj-cut? Argh. Greets, mates, this was Kati, the dumbass with the diploma. LOL

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Date:2006-03-23 17:45
Subject:I'm still alive...

Hi, this is jaynelove. I'm just stroking around and want to show a little senseless thingy I produced. It's a Lost-Brokeback-Mountain-parody, and since I love BBM I don't mind to mix it up with Lost... or parody it. What you love you may make jokes of. If you can't fix it you've got to stand it. Ennis is so right, isn't he? That's it.

Here it is:

And there's another version:

Have you watched this already? It's a video... a very funny BBM/Lost video. Jack & Sawyer. Brokeback Island

It's great!!!! It's not by me, of course. *g*

So, that's it for now, until next year then. ;)

Greets, Jaynelove/Kati

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Date:2004-12-28 17:18
Subject:Big Damn Travel of a little damn German...

It’s time to give this LJ a sign of life – after all it’s called LiveJournal, isn’t it?

Uh… I don’t know how to start my „report“ about these wonderful vacations I had in October. Everything seems unbelievable through the look back – but I think it was true.

We startet in Wichita, Kansas (Well… from Berlin via Paris, via Cincinnati to Wichita…), where my cousin lives with her family. Fortunately we had three days to relax and get over our jetlag – and we had a great time with my cousin, the family and some friends (once we spent an afternoon with playing Golf – a good friend took us with him to his club… and we did really have a lot of fun – about our mistakes… and this thingy called Golf. :-) And now you can call me a snob…). And we had a great meeting with my pen-friend Christine from Russell/Kansas – it was such a big chance that we had to meet! Before we met I was really excited… it was like a “date”, we knew each other before, but we knew us just “on paper” or via e-mails. Oh, I hadn’t have to be such excited, my friend is such a wonderful girl, she came to Wichita with her parents and we spent a nice afternoon in my cousin’s house. :-) I never expected to meet her – she lives on the other side of our planet – but we met, and we had a great time together!
We picked up our rental car (I booked it from home via the internet – it’s a miracle, but it worked very well with my self-printed voucher… :-)) for the following three weeks we had to be on the road.

And then we startet… South to Oklahoma, where we spent our first night in the lovely “Lake Murray Resort” in a little, but comfortable cabin. The next day we rode through Dallas (where we visited this place we all know: this place where Kennedy was shot…) and to Waco, TX (where we visited the Texas Ranger Museum – very interesting and with a lot of stuff which Frank loooovvvvveees: guns, guns and guns… *g*).
The next day we rode to my other cousin who lives in College Station, TX with her husband and her two kids. Texas (“Everything is bigger in Texas!”) is great – not just large but wide and beautiful. My cousin has a nice house in a forest area, the next neighbour lives ten minutes away – and it’s really quiet there – we loved it a lot! The first night we went to an American Football Match (I never will get the rules…*g*), a big event in this university town. The most interesting thing for me were the breaks – every some seconds/minutes… and a big, big break when there were a couple of bands playing, cheerleaders danced and everyone was really enthusiastic – I never have seen so many people so cheerful! :-) We spent three days at my cousin, visited some friends of her in Houston and some parks and museums around there – and, of course, those big supermarkets and shopping malls of the States. Well – I think that shopping is right kinda philosophy in America… (We bought a couple of CDs and lots of T-shirts and souvenirs ) Our next station after leaving my cousin was San Antonio (The Alamo - where Texas was born…) and Fredericksburg – a (fake-) German-like town in Western Texas (my cousin said it’s a must…). There we spent the night – and were really impressed of the main street which is so really looking like in an old movie and… where so many “German” stores are, with German names and German signs. In Texas.:-)

Then we headed to New Mexico, where we spent the night in Calsbad. It’s a small town not far away from the Mexican border – and the next day we rode to the north to Fort Sumner, to visit Billy the Kid’s grave and this Billy the Kid’s Museum. There New Mexico is more prairie than “landscape” – the land is wide and the sky too. Sometimes it seems that the sky is much larger than here… The colors are impressing – just the kinda yellow of the grass, the almost empty roads – straight to the horizon – and a big, big sky over everything. We saw a lot of lonely ranches, horses and cows at grass. Very flat, and we just met some trucks on the road or a sheriff’s car. It’s very relaxing to drive through those areas of a country, and we started to prefer driving just on ordinary roads and not take the Interstates which are loud and dirty… like home. :-) On our way back south we also saw a coyote – our first (and last) one.
We rode through Roswell (“Aliens are welcome” :-)) and further to the West, where we spent the night in a town called Ruidoso, in Lincoln County, which lies in an Indian Resrvation – and between mountains. There it was rainy and cold… but fortunately just there.

The next day we rode further to the west – and visited White Sands, this famous National Park. Hot, dry – and really white (and flat) is it surrounded by the mountains. Just two colors: the white of the sand and the blue of the sky. Wow!
Then (don’t count the “thens”…*g*) we entered Arizona, spent the night in Willcox, a small town right in south-east Arizona,a nd we watched a wonderful desert sunset. In a little saloon (it really was one… “We don’t tolerate non-smokers” *g*) we had a funny meal – we had to roast our steaks ourselves… on the grill in the middle of the room. It was delicous! :-)

The next day we visited the Chiricahua National Monument (What’s the difference between National Parks and National Monuments? I can’t say…) – rocks, rocks and rocks – in very interesting and picturesque forms. We picked out a trail and had a nice and wonderful walking tour – and a great day. We watched some birds (Blue Jays) and one of those famous Roadrunners, saw a deer and some ravens and squirrels and butterflies… and relaxed.
Then we rode over the small roads to Tombstone. Yes, this Tombstone (“The town too tough to die”). Oh, I think we did a time travel – the main street was just like you know that from the movies – and full of gunbelt-wearing Cowboys and their Ladies, Saloon-girls and really dangerous looking shooters. *g* There was a festival just this weekend, and all the fans and friends of the old West came to meet each other… and to be seen by the “tourists”. We got the last room (the prize was like it had been the President’s Suite *g*) in a Motel, and this night was great with just looking around, visiting some saloons and famous places… The next day there have been a couple of performances with little plays on the main street, oldfashioned dancing girls, and we visited the great “shoot out” in the OK Corral. Everything’s been really great and funny – and the best was that no one took it too honest. We even met a descendant of the real Wyatt Earp (he showed me his driver’s license without asking…:-)) – what a lucky chance!

Unfortunately we had to leave because we hadn’t our President’s Suit anymore and there was no vacancy in the entire town anymore. Sigh. So we headed to Tuscon where we spent this night… and dreamed of the Wild West. We did’nt stay there and rode directly to the North, through Phoenix, to Flagstaff, the last town before… the Grand Canyon. Flagstaff is a nice little town with lots of shoppings malls for the tourists, restaurants (we had a great steak there… again!) and a railroad through, on which there rode trains right through our room the whole night long… we guessed. Our Motel was right at the Route 66, so we felt a bit like in the legendary Sixties (not that I even can remember the Sixties...).

The next morning we started to Tusayan (still I don’t know how to pronounce that *g*), the very last town before the Grand Canyon National Park. We rode through wonderful forests and high grass – and were very excited because we really have been curious about this famous place. And it was worht it – wow – I felt like a drop of water, my “problems” and everything shrinked – there was left just this natural monument, the far away Colorado River, the mountains and nothing else. I could have taken photos every moment… and we took a lot of them but you can’t see the majesty of the really Grand Canyon at a photo. Although it was rainy and cloudy we couldn’t get enough from the view – and so we stayed in Tusayan (We had luck to get a room… and not the President’s Suite this time! This night we went to the IMAX and watched the Grand Canyon Film – if you have the chance to see that, do it, it’s really great!) and rode to the Grand Canyon the next day again… and then we rode further to the North West – back “home” – to Kayenta, a town in the middle of an Indian Reservation and close to the Monument Valley. There we took a B & B at Roland’s – a Native American. It was’nt the first “Indian” we saw, but he was silent the most. *g*

The next day we rode to (and through) the Monument Valley - and took this photo (it seems that was the reason for everything of this journey *g*).

And there you can feel how mysterious and wonderful our planet really is - there must be someone who has a dream about that... and we're part of it. We could have spend all day long and longer there, just looking and looking (and expected to meet Clint Eastwood or John Wayne behind every corner…). We took lots of photos… and couldn’t get enough, the cloudy, very blue sky and the desert-like scenery with those red-brown high rocks… wow! And horses… and cactus… grass… dust. Silence and no wind. A wonderful, unbelievable day.

Then we rode further to the East, entered Utah and Colorado and spent the night in Cortez, a town close to the Mesa Verde National Park – and the Rocky Mountains. There’s this very interesting “Cliff Palace” in the National Park – a pueblo village, which was build more than 800 years ago by Anasazi Indians, a high cultured center of the North Americans. We visited the museum and booked a guided tour through the valley and were really impressed of this “palace”. A Wonderful time machine…

Then we drove to Durango, an “old” (It seems a town of hundred years is very old for America!) silvermine town in Colorado, very nice and picturesque among the Rocky Mountains. And very “western”. There we spent two days, just for looking around. There’s still an old railroad – the Durango-Silverton-Railroad – for the tourists. We didn’t took it and rode with our car to Silverton, an old Western town 50 miles Northern of Durango… and there it started to snow… but we were on the road so we didn’t turned around. It took us a lot of “nerves” to achieve Silverton… but we made it (after seeing one wild, very big turkey on the road before us, one deer... and some other stuff which made us stunning... and thrilling... but it happened nothing terrible... not that I could remember *g*). And it was wonderful – snowy mountains, the steam-lokomotive from Durango there… and this main street from the late 19th century. I’ll never forget the rode to Silverton – with a big, wild turkey on the road, a deer… on the road too, the horses and ranchhouses… and the Rockies. Every single moment was a picture postcard in reality. :-) Yeah - and in Durango it happened that a Cowboy gave me a compliment: "Nice accent." - I think he didn't know how the Berliner's dialect sounds in English. *g*

From Durango we went back to the South (Oh my – what a beautiful country is Colorado! Indian Summer, wild horses, Cowboys, wide landscapes, snowy mountains, blue sky…!) – to Northern New Mexico because we didn’t want to risk these snowy (and dangerous) moments on the road again, so we decided to go to Santa Fe…and rode through Santa Fe because all those construction sites… and spent the night in Las Vegas – not “this” Las Vegas, another one, just in New Mexico. And from there we rode back to Oklahoma… and to Kansas, where we stopped in Dodge City. Yeah – “this” Dodge City. We took everything there – the Boot Hill Museum, the Fort Dodge, every single attraction we could have – and we liked it although it’s a small and a bit dirty town. We so liked the thought of being in the town of Marshall Dillon (who never existed but in that TV-show) and Wyatt Earp… and we spent there two days before we rode back to Wichita and to my cousin… and to the last days of our journey.

Yes, and then we rode back to Wichita. Kansas is such a flat country, just roads and farms and cows and… countryside… you know. I like that a lot!
We spent three more days in Wichita and relaxed before the long flight home. :-) This is just a short version of a big and unforgettable journey around the South-West of the States. There are lots of little stories I could tell, about people, about ordinary, very kind Americans, about landscapes you can’t describe with words – especially not in a foreign language – and I always smile while I remember every single thing… Nobody can take that from us. And I’m really glad that we had the “courage” to make that travel, I don’t wanna miss a thing – although I came back home and was tired like never before in my life, had a terrible jetlag and had to work again one day later… That „Roadmovie“ was worth everything!

So... that's it. :-)

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Date:2004-07-14 18:59
Subject:My life as a fangirl or how Firefly helps to avoid annoying moments

Last Saturday we visited my boy-friend’s parents on the Friedrichsfelde Central Cemetery (we use to visit them every three or four weeks, just to say Hello or something) – but this is just the pre-story. On our way back home we had to buy a new vacuum cleaner (yes, my boy-friend’s parents are ashes in urns… and this has nothing to do with a vacuum cleaner, I know, but it just came to my mind) because our old one was on the fritz (still is).

So we went into a big department store at the Alexanderplatz.
Okay, we walked around the area with the household articles, dishes, china, glasses, pots, knives… yeah, knives. As my boy-friend saw all the big butcher knives and lots of blades and sets of razor-sharp kitchen knives he (of course) gave me one of his typical commentaries (his special trade mark) about that really dangerous life we live while we are in a big store. Every single costumer could be a potential attacker or a seriel killer or a runner amok or just a desoriented person and in the mood to kill other costumers just for fun. Now. Here. You should always watch the other people, of course, especially among such an army of knives! (btw. Sometimes I doubt that he’s just a normal guy but he’s got me so he *must* be kind of normal... I hope so.)

And before I could roll my eyes and say something like “Why the hell do you always have such negative thoughts?”… I remembered a quote from Firefly. Wash said that to Jayne in “Bushwacked” – “You’re a very up-person.” (Btw. I thought it in English – usually I think in my native language, of course, but I just know the original, not translated Firefly – I think the show will never air in our TV, but what is TV for if you can have the DVDs?) And that single quote just made me smile and grin and giggle and gave me a great feeling.

So I really forgot to be annoyed.

Suddenly Jayne went next to me.

I kept smiling and had a wonderful time just because there’s Firefly and I’m a fangirl. :-)


PS: We bought a new vacuum cleaner called “Fakir”.

Keep flying!

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Date:2004-07-01 19:20
Subject:My first on!

Hey, this is me - Kati aka Jaynelove!
I'm here because my friend afra_schatz made me this thingy called LiveJournal and gave me a new name (Now I've got two *g*). :-)
Last weekend I (and my boy-friend) visited my father and his wife who are living a hundred kilomters (more or less) away from my hometown, directly at the river Havel.
And every time I'm away from my beloved Berlin... I discover our country again - and think we live in such a beautiful world...
Here's the evidence...

Is'nt it romantic? I wished you could smell the photo... really like a big fat summer.
So - I think it's enough for my first one, isn't it?

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Date:2004-06-18 19:50

Feel free to use me :).

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